The Tales of Ahavana


Ahavana mistress of tritatva(three elements), the wisest and  the most  misunderstood personality in the pantheon of Dev and Devyai now resides with mortals of Dharatvi.Follow  Ahavana as she  tales  Her rise and fall and banishment from Haven in “The Tales of Ahavana”.



The children of the Devyai wandered down the halls of Court of Haven lead by their teacher Vishvati,they marveled  the sculptures and the the thought of all the tales which they will get to know afterwards in their class  fueled their enthusiasm. Soon the Queue found itself standing in front of a statute charred black to its core and behind it a white effigy of no defined structure floating in the air.

“Why are these two sculptures are in a close vicinity with each other?”, asked one of Vishvati’s student. “Wouldn’t it better if they were kept separately then the artist’s intricate skills would be more seen and appreciated?”, asked the another. Vishvati who already paced with a fast gait turned around to the bustling sounds of his students who were still staring at the sculpture of Naityak, unsettled with clatter he steadily walked to them and cleared his throat to quiet the children. Pestered by the countless questions he raised his hand to calm down the commotion and decided to answer with a fundamental explanation not going deep into the past he said, “The Sculpture which intrigued you all is the Sculpture of Naityak, this might look like  two different sculptures but in fact they are joined together with supernal bond of deceitful action and their consequences.

The charred statue is of Ahavana’s brother or to put it precisely the charred corpse of Ahavana’s brother and the effigy behind it is the vile spirit of their uncle and if you all just look up at  the ceiling you wil find the figurine of Ahavana who to save her brother set the heaven on fire and across the ceiling You’ll see figurine of the Supreme Vajraj who  is defending the heaven and in retaliation cursed Ahavana and forbid her residence in Heaven. The children with their jaws wide apart gaped at the figurines on the ceiling and felt exceptionally thick at their incapabilty to notice the epic figures.

“Are they also corpses”, asked one of the student with muffled voice.

“No ofcourse not, you saw Vajraj in the morning itself,didn’t you?”

“What about Ahavana?”

“About Ahavana, ahh.. she’s also residing somewhere in the mortal realm.”, Vishvati said reminiscing the days of when he scholared her to the day she became one of the wisest, dynamic comrade in the court of Haven to the day she became the most misunderstood personality. He was about to say something when  Vajraj with the Rajah of Dharatvi walked and that was a gesture for the children that their excursion has come to an end they walked out and the hall echoed with the silence. Rajah Dharatvi seeing Vishvati gaping at Ahavana’s figurine first touched his feet and said “Soon she’ll be back. I’ll bring her back and she’ll save all of us.”

Author’s Note

Hello everyone,

I am sharing this fantasy fiction writing which I wrote recently. I have been obsessed with fantasy genre and always wanted to have a fantasy verse of my own, I would be grateful if you read the fiction piece and share your feedback on it.This is purely fictional and has no intention to hurt any community or individual feelings.

You can also read this story here –

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